Von der Industrie- 
und Handelskammer 
öffentlich bestellter 
und vereidigter Sachverständiger 
für deutsche Münzen 
ab 1871 und Euro-

Mitglied im Berufs-
verband des deutschen 

My professional activities as chartered numismatic assessor comprise:

  • The preparation of coin expert opinions and coin appraisals

  • Appraisal of the value of collections and individual pieces

  • Competent consulting and support for the sale of collections and individual pieces of high value

  • Technical assistance in case of inheritance disputes, divorces, theft, robbery, attempted forgery, identification of fakes, etc.

  • Technical assistance in general disputes regarding state of preservation, quality statements, etc.

Guy Marie Yvon Philippe Franquinet(1947.12.29-- ),德国工商和商业联合会(Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Germany)钱币专家、德国钱币销售联合会董事会会员。






1990年柏林墙被推倒后,东西德国合二为一。但是东德的German Statebank仍有数以百万计未流通的DDR硬币。在1993-1996年间,Statebank销毁了大部分的DDR硬币,而少部分的DDR硬币则拿出来拍卖,他有幸拍得了这些极其珍贵的DDR硬币。除此之外,经过几十年的积淀,他的收藏大都是德国各个时期的钱币,其种类之齐全、丰富,令人叹为观止。


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>>>> Juni 2016 <<<<

Degree of Conservation !!!!


Conservation is a tricky issue. Whilst one person speaks about “mint condition”, the other utilises the term “freshly minted” and a third party may even refer to “XF/BU” (extremely fine / brilliant uncirculated). Who could possibly know everything?

What needs to be stated in an unambiguous manner, however, is the fact that the judgement of the degree of conservation is a rather personal matter. I have had the opportunity to hold various lectures on “coin conservation” in the past and have critically assessed this issue taking into account all aspects. Some of my listeners have subsequently told me that my explanations have been quite helpful. Should a sufficient demand arise I would be most willing to again hold such a lecture.

What is essential is the need for our eyes to become acquainted with the task. What may otherwise happen is that you acquire a coin at an auction with the firm belief that the scratches on the coin discovered subsequently had not been present at the time of purchase. This phenomenon is closely associated with our craving, since we see an item that we desperately want to possess and our eyes – driven by our own euphoria – fail to do their job properly.

Be careful nevertheless: Despite the opinions of most experts – you’re the one who has to like the coin!



15 Rupees – repaired coins

If you are the unfortunate one to acquire a coin with a trace of solder indicating the fact that the mounting had been removed – you truly have a problem; unless the vendor has failed to provide this information in his quote. This is so since it is mandatory that the customer be unambiguously informed about repairs performed on coins. Well, the number of coins with solder is not that high after all. With the 15 Rupees coins of Tabora from German East Africa minted in 1916 (Jaeger 728 a or b) this will, however, be quite normal. At the time these coins had been so popular that they were worn as pendants for many years, long after World War I had come to its end. Nowadays coins with an “XF” (extremely fine) classification are offered regularly with no mention of the coin strip having been repaired. This is a violation of the existing law, since it is mandatory for repairs to be mentioned in the description. In addition, a coin that has been worn as a pendant for a long time may hardly ever be referred to as “XF”. In case that somebody has sold you a coin without having mentioned the fact that it had been repaired, you have the legal right to return it or may even claim damages. Even the “slabs” – encapsulated coins that may no longer be opened – partially contain such coins. It is an unfortunate fact that frequently the coin strip may longer be properly seen, which means that you as the coin collector will be up a creek without a paddle: Who will ever purchase such a coin from you again? Experience has shown that the so-called “grading companies” firmly insist that your valuable coin be returned to the USA for inspection and verification if guarantees are offered. Unfortunately this will not be possible, since it would require you to go through customs formalities, which would ultimately cause you greater trouble still, since the coin would be considered as a “cultural asset” on the one hand whilst you would have to hand over your only piece of evidence on the other.

This is where the Competition Regulators need to step in, since all this ultimately amounts to fraud.

If you order your coins from the specialised trade you will usually be satisfied and well taken care of.

For this purpose I have integrated an easy-to-use database search query on my website. The available offer of coins on the Internet may be updated daily via this database. The benefit for you: The coin that you have found will most probably be included in my current inventory.


Search using the Jaeger code !!

The first 3 or 4 digits of the item number correspond to the numerical code used in the Jaeger catalogue. Simply input the Jaeger number into the respective field and all available coins will be listed at once (the number e.g. for 1 Pfennig from 1873-1889 will be “001”). If you then add the year behind the Jaeger number with or without mint mark, the search result will be narrowed down further (the correct code e.g. for 1 Pfennig from 1874 with mint mark “F” would thus be “00174F”).

My team and I greatly value the fact that you as our customer will receive precisely the coin that you desire and that the item purchased fully corresponds to your expectations and the description rendered. In case of coins with more than one in stock what could, however, happen is that it will not be exactly the coin illustrated that will be shipped, but rather a coin of absolutely identical quality. We kindly ask for your understanding should this be the case.


I wish you luck and success for your search on the Internet.


Sincerely yours

Guy Franquinet


Upon inquiry I will forward you a list containing the addresses of all coin traders that are members of our professional association.


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